Wednesday | 28.09.22

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Schoumann Award for Jewish Film: A RADIANT GIRL by Sandrine Kiberlain

We chose the film A Radiant Girl as the winner of the International Film Award from an excellent collection of films that represent not only the best cinematic work about the Jewish experience, but also some of the best cinematic works of the past year. The uniqueness and strength of the film lies in the fact that while the plot revolves around the adolescence of a young girl full of life and aspirations, an almost unseen horror creeps in and gradually takes over, aiming straight for the gut until the end, which will remain with the viewer for a long time to come. There is no tangible enemy. It is not present on the streets. It is not even clear in which years the film takes place. A masterpiece that surpasses many films that deal with Europe during World War II. Rebecca Marder in the main role is, indeed, radiant and through her eyes, represses in every possible way the evil that is gaining control of her surroundings.

Special Mention: ALEGRÍA by Violeta Salama

A film that portrays Jewish identity through the perspective of an independent, opinionated, and stubborn woman who living Melilla, a Spanish enclave in Northern Morocco. She and the city, in which members of the three religions reside, exist as a single entity. When coexistence is undermined, Alegría’s peace of mind also dissipates. Events in the Middle East begin to have an impact, on her relationship with traditional family members, and on some of her most personal decisions. A film full of hope about the power of women to live in coexistence, to reach out to one another with their wise advice and life experience. The viewer is witness to the heartwarming intergenerational connection between the special women who appear in this magnificent film.

Special Mention for Lead Actress: Françoise Fabian in the film, ROSE, by Aurélie Saada

Françoise Fabian plays a role that captures the heart and succeeds in conveying the complexity of a newly-widowed elderly woman and her place in a patriarchal family where the father was of Ashkenazi descent. After she is widowed, Rose reconnects with her eastern roots, instilling optimism and a great love for life in the viewers.

Israeli Short FIlm Competition: HOLY HOLOCAUST by Osi Wald and Noa Berman-Herzberg