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A Fading Language, a Fading Cuisine

Dir.: Deniz Alphan
| 60 minutes

The film chronicles the centuries-old Ladino language and Sephardic food culture of the Jewish community in Turkey. This is a story of more than five centuries, and this documentary provides us with a glimpse of this past and taste of a fading yet evolving culture.

It Must Schwing! The Blue Note Story

Dir.: Eric Friedler
| 115 minutes

In 1939, Alfred Lion and Francis Wolff, two young Jewish refugees, founded legendary jazz label Blue Note Records in New York. At a time when African-American musicians faced legal discrimination, Blue Note Records respected them as artists and equals. 

Les Magnifiques

Dir.: Yves Azeroual, Mathieu Alterman
| 52 minutes

Arriving in France from North Africa with barely a suitcase in hand during the 1950s and 60s, these Sephardic immigrants and refugees became the stars and legends of French show-business: among them Enrico Macias, Robert Castel, Lucette Sahuquet, and Norbert Saada. 

The Last Resort

Dir.: Dennis Scholl, Kareem Tabsch
| 70 minutes

Miami’s South Beach was home to the largest cluster of Jewish retirees in the US. The Last Resort takes audiences on a nostalgic journey to the iconic Miami Beach of that era. The result is a stunning testament to a community all but forgotten….

The Mamboniks

Dir.: Lex Gillespie
| 87 minutes

During the 1950s, free-spirited, mostly Jewish dancers from New York City fell head over heels for the mambo. Set in Havana, Miami Beach, New York, and the Catskill Mountains, The Mamboniks features a now retired of aficionados who share their passion for Latin music and dance.


Dir.: Ursula Macfarlane
| 98 minutes

Former staffers, college friends, and reporters reflect on Weinstein as a visionary, whilst detailing his ruthless attempts to preserve power. Director Ursula Macfarlane exposes a sinister cinematic setting detailing Hollywood’s worst kept dirty secret.

Warsaw - A City Divided

Dir.: Eric Bednarski
| 71 minutes

Eric Bednarski obtained an amateur 8mm film of archival footage of life inside the Warsaw Ghetto. Bednarski created a movie that combines the footage with testimonials, interviews with architects, and urban historians, and the Nazis’ unrealized plans for post-war Warsaw.