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Dir.: Matan Yair | 92 minutes


Israel, Poland 2017 | 92 minutes | Hebrew | Hebrew, French subtitles

17 year-old Asher has always been an impulsive trouble maker, from primary school to high school. After the school day, Asher works with his charismatic and dominant father Milo, in their scaffolding family business. Milo sees Asher as his natural successor when the day comes to hand over the business. To Asher, his future has already planned for him.

When a new teacher of Literature named Rami begins to teach Asher's class, he feels for the first time that someone sees him a little differently. Asher wants to be the first one in the family with a high school certificate. However, this does not match Milo's plan.

For the first time Asher starts to imagine himself a different future than the one his father dictates for him and it is getting harder to understand how his father's love and immense brutality towards him can go together.