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Becoming Cary Grant
Dir.: Mark Kidel | 85 minutes

Becoming Cary Grant

France 2017 | 85 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

Cary Grant and Hollywood maintained a mutual relationship: Hollywood brought Grant world fame, and without him, Hollywood would not be the same. Director Mark Kidel unfolds this monumental actor’s life story from his lonely childhood in Britain, through his film acting career, fame, and three marriages, to later in life when he was haunted by nostalgic memories. For the first time, viewers are exposed to the hidden treasures of Grant’s autobiography including surprisingly candid confessions and movies he shot as an amateur filmmaker. Archival footage of Grant’s films and interviews with friends and experts are interwoven into an intriguing film that strives to crack the rough image created by Archie Leach, the young boy hidden under a tailored suit.