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Porco Rosso
Dir.: Hayao Miyazaki | 94 minutes

Porco Rosso

Japan 1992 | 94 minutes | Japanese | Hebrew subtitles

The Adriatic Sea of the 1930s is a scene of conflict between the bandits raiding the holiday ships with airplanes and the few pilots who protect the vessels. Porco Russo is the senior of these sky knights. He was once a pilot in the Italian Air Force, but after a curse that turned him into a pig for not cooperating with the fascists, he prefers to act alone. When an American cowboy threatens his place, Porco goes out for one last fight. Miyazaki blends several genres into a mixture that captures the imagination and the heart. The script is tight and fast, the design is spectacular, but it is Porco that captures us with his charm. Porco is all the heroes of American cinema in one character: the cowboy on the horse, the detective with the cigarette, the coat and the cynical narration - with the appearance of a fat and listless pig. Porco Rosso is a thrilling and action-packed work that is very, very, very worth your time.