Sunday | 14.07.24

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All of Us Strangers
Dir.: Andrew Haigh | 105 minutes

All of Us Strangers

UK 2023 | 105 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

In one of the most outstanding films of the past year, Adam is a London screenwriter experiencing writer's block. The strange building he lives in has only one tenant, who shows up at his door one evening, but still nothing happens between them. To find inspiration, Adam travels to the neighborhood where he grew up and meets his parents. They are happy to meet him but seem frozen in time since they were killed in a car accident when Adam was just a teenager. It is not a horror or mystery film but a drama that "captures the eerie, disorienting and utterly sacred experience of encountering a lost loved one in your dreams" (Los Angeles Times) and translate it into a series of painful, poignant, and tender moments.