Friday | 14.06.24

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Judy Blume Forever
Dir.: Davina Pardo, Leah Wolchok | 97 minutes

Judy Blume Forever

USA 2023 | 97 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

For over 50 years, writer Judy Blume has been the voice of children all around the world. With directness and candor, she speaks to the young audience about life: sexuality, adolescence, bullying, divorce, racism, antisemitism, and much more. Blume faced personal crises and backlash from the conservative right but kept focusing on her young readers, with whom she kept in dialogue through her works and correspondences. After many years, Judy Blume agreed to be the subject of a documentary, and the result presents the same qualities that propelled her into an acclaimed writer: efficiency and compassion. Forever is an inspired, "loving — and timely — portrait of a beloved author" (Hollywood Reporter).

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