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Unfaithfully Yours
Dir.: Preston Sturges | 105 minutes

Unfaithfully Yours

USA 1948 | 105 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

On the eve of an important performance, an orchestra conductor starts to believe his wife is being unfaithful. The suspicion seeps into his mind, and he begins envisioning multiple scenarios for dealing with his wife's infidelity. Preston Sturges' ambitious and canny film is a triumphant romantic comedy that challenges the idea of family. Throughout his career, Sturges has proven a talent for writing brilliant plots, and this one is perhaps his most intricate. Against the background of the world of music, the energetic appearance of Rex Harrison in the lead role charges the film with an equal amount of pathos and irony. The result is a seasoned comedy that has not been screened here for many years and is greatly worth attention.