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Dir.: Aurélie Saada | 102 minutes


France 2021 | 102 minutes | French | Hebrew, English subtitles

Rose (Françoise Fabian) is a 78-year-old Parisian who has built a life for herself around two main roles, as a wife and mother (and later grandmother). When her husband passes away, Rose suddenly finds herself alone, dethroned as the matriarch of a tribe which no longer seems to need her. The protagonist now finds herself in the throes of an emotional crisis with unexpected and cathartic consequences. What is her place within a family which has inevitably lost its glue? How can she impose her presence on a society which places sole value on youth? A poetic and highly personal portrait of a woman who decides to take control of her own destiny.

Kindly supported by Institut français de Jérusalem - antenne Romain Gary, Consulat général de France à Jérusalem