Sunday | 26.09.21

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Dir.: Justine Triet | 110 minutes


France, Belgium 2019 | 110 minutes | French, English, Italian | Hebrew, English subtitles

Sybil, a psychologist and mother of two, decides to return to her first passion, writing, for which she has a tempting source of inspiration: her new patient, Margot, a young movie star in crisis. Enchanted by her, Sybil is gradually drawn into Margot’s world until their lives begin to blend in disturbing ways. Two wonderful actresses, Virginie Efira and Adèle Exarchopoulos star in Justine Triet’s third film, a meta-psychological thriller that took part in the main competition at Cannes. This is undoubtedly Triet’s most ambitious and complex film so far. Described by one critic as “a film within the making-of-a-film within a crime novel within an erotic dream within a therapy session run amok,” in Triet’s competent hands, it becomes a fascinating, elegant work.