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The Ground Beneath My Feet
Dir.: Marie Kreutzer | 108 minutes

The Ground Beneath My Feet

Austria 2019 | 108 minutes | German, English | Hebrew, English subtitles

Lola is a young business consultant dispatched to companies in different locations to help them run their operations more effectively. She is good at what she does. Perhaps too good. Hundred-hour weeks are routine, in addition to five workouts, client dinners, and stays at lavish hotels. Her private life is also conducted with uncompromising efficiency—whether in her intimate relationship with her boss or in everything that has to do with her sister who suffers from a deteriorating mental illness. Austrian director Marie Kreutzer directs her film with a confident and meticulous hand. With Valerie Pachner in the lead role, Kreutzer creates a touching portrait that transports the viewer into the heroine’s consciousness as the polar worlds she’s constructed for herself implode.

Original title:
Der Boden unter den Füßen