Friday | 14.08.20

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Back to Berlin
Dir.: Catherine Lurie | 60 minutes

Back to Berlin

UK 2018 | 60 minutes | English, Hebrew

Retracing  the  tracks  of  the original 1930s Maccabiah Games riders, eleven  modern-day  Jewish  bikers take  an  epic  journey  to  deliver  the  Maccabi  torch  to  the  infamous  site  of  Hitler’s  1936  Olympic  stadium,  for  the  opening  ceremony  of  the  European  Maccabiah  Games.  En  route,  each  country  holds  a  chilling  resonance  for  each biker  as  they  reveal  or  discover their incredible stories of survival. Juxtaposing  present  and  past,  tales  of  defiance,  tragedy,  and  compassion  are  revealed.