Friday | 12.08.22

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And Then We Danced

Dir.: Levan Akin
| 103 minutes

Merab, a young Georgian dancer, practices incessantly in hope of joining the National Ballet, but his most significant challenge is what he feels for Iraki, a charismatic dancer. A bold and heartfelt film that screened at Cannes.

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So Long, My Son

Dir.: Wang Xiaoshuai
| 180 minutes

A tragedy links the fates of two Chinese families in a heartfelt drama spanning three decades of political, human, and social change. Screened at the Berlinale where it won two prizes for acting.

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Made in Italy

Dir.: James D'Arcy
| 94 minutes

Robert and his son Jack are traveling to Italy in hopes of selling their family home and saving the family gallery in London. Ever since his wife passed away, his relationship with Jack has been strained, but perhaps a trip together will finally shift something between the two. 

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The Little Things

Dir.: John Lee Hancock
| 127 minutes

L.A., mid-1990s. Joe Deacon is a veteran of the police force, who seen a thing or two in his day. When he meets a young detective, investigating a string of murders of young girls, he can't help but to get involved. 

The United States vs. Billie Holiday

Dir.: Lee Daniels
| 130 minutes

When Billie Holiday releases Strange Fruit - one of the sharpest political acts of the 1940s, a direct protest of African-American lynching in the south – she becomes the target of the FBI. Lee Daniels takes this true story and creates an effective drama that intertwines the melodramatic and the political to present a a larger-then-life heroine.

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Dir.: Eytan Fox
| 89 minutes

The new film by Eytan Fox (Walk on Water) follows a New York Times writer who visits Tel Aviv after suffering a tragedy. The city's energy and his relationship with a younger man who becomes his tour guide bring him back to life.

Onsite Screening

The Truth

Dir.: Hirokazu Kore-eda
| 106 minutes

Fabienne is a veteran star that has published a rather scandalous memoir. Her daughter arrives from the USA to confront her, only to reencounter her mother’s charming narcissism. 

Onsite Screening

The Translators

Dir.: Régis Roinsard
| 105 minutes

Nine translators, hired to translate the eagerly awaited final book of a bestselling trilogy, are confined in a luxurious bunker. But when the first 10 pages of the book are leaked, all nine of them become prime suspects…. A sleek and modern thriller. 

Onsite Screening

Rosa's Wedding

Dir.: Iciar Bollain
| 99 minutes

Rosa is about to turn 45 and comes to realize that after dedicating her whole life to other it is time for a change. But when her dream of opening her own business is being blocked by family members, Rosa has to come face-to-face with the reality that leaving the family is easier said than done. 


Dir.: Sophie Deraspe
| 109 minutes

A contemporary, award-winning adaptation of the Greek classic Antigone by Sophocles. The modern-day Antigone is the daughter of a family of refugees – an outstanding student who concocts a brilliant plan to free her brother from prison.