Tuesday | 16.10.18

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Portugal Film Week

John From

Dir.: Joau Nicolau
| 95 minutes

Bored with the hot summer heat in the city, 15-year-old Rita becomes intrigued by her older neighbor. What begins as a way to pass the time quickly turns into a passionate love; leaving Rita close to losing her grip on reality.

Eldorado XXI

Dir.: Salome Lamas
| 120 minutes

A mesmerizing ethnographic documentary shot in the world’s highest settlement – La Rinconada (5500 meters) in the Peruvian Andes that follows the difficulties of the miners in the snowy region that is cut off from civilization. The film includes a 57-minute long shot. 

Portugal Film Week: Short Films

| 85 minutes

The Suspect, Dir.: Jose Miguel Ribeiro (Portugal 1999) | Arena, Dir.: Joao Salaviza (Portugal 2009) | Tragic Story with Happy Ending, Dir.: Regina Pessoa (Portugal/Canada/France 2005) | Cold Day, Dir.: Caudia Varejao (Portugal 2009) | Amelia and Duarte, Dir.: Alice Guimaraes, Monica Santos (Portugal/Germany 2015). 

The Mother and the Seas

Dir.: Goncalo Tocha
| 97 minutes

Director Goncalo Tocha embarks on journey to the village of Vila Chã (Portugal) and the myth that it was populated by sea women, the so-called fisherwomen, in one of the few places in the world with female skippers. But where are they now?

The End of the World

Dir.: Pedro Pinho
| 62 minutes

Cinéma vérité and narrative structure are combined to present a portrait of the daily life of young people on the outskirts of Lisbon.