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Polish Film Week

100 years – The story of Polish Cinema.

Polish Institute in Tel Aviv and Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw cordially invite to joint Polish Film Season in Israel.

Dive into the world of often unfulfilled love, not necessarily in its traditional form. Explore family affairs and its complexities, the power of film as a link between a real and an imaginary world. Zoom in for entanglements of history and moral dilemmas.

The Polish Film Season will enable you to admire the prewar Polish superstar Pola Negri (born as Apolonia Chalupiec) in The Beast - a silent movie directed by Aleksander Hertz, a brilliant director of Jewish origin.  The Polish Zoom will not leave you indifferent to war struggles and the fight for one’s dignity and this is just what the first Polish female director Wanda Jakubowska did,  depicting her Auschwitz experiences in a language of film.

Make a close-up of yourself while watching the characters discovering themselves by means of the camera. Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Camera Buff  will certainly help you with it!

Embrace love while bombs are whistling above your head, judge the choices of the characters who seek affection during uncertain times that cannot promise you anything but mostly pain – How to be Loved by Wojciech Has..

Let lure yourself into the atmosphere of the 80s in Poland with The Lure by Agnieszka Smoczyńska. Its unworldly humor and fear might surprise you. The temptation is irresistible!

With The Last Family look behind the scenes of the family records of artist Beksinski. This experience is not far from a near-death experience in a paradoxically heart-warming and kind environment.

Finally, follow the complexity of Polish interwar history and the complicated fate of three nations inhabiting the former Polish-German borderland by watching The Butler by Filp Bajon, the winner of the second prize at the most important Polish movie festival in Gdynia.

Simply focus on the Polish ZooM! Internationally acclaimed and prize-winning Polish movies are within your reach.

Polish Zoom: Opening Event

Screening in the presence of director Filip Bajon

The Butler

Dir.: Filip Bajon
| 150 minutes

Mateusz grows up in the von Krauss’ estate and falls in love with their daughter Marita. The film follows the couple and the historic upheavals of the first half of the 20th century. Filip Bajon translates questions of national responsibility and history into a rich historical epic. 

The Beast

Dir.: Aleksander Hertz
| 44 minutes

Pola, an adolescent searching for a thrill, flees to the city, where she finds success and capturing the heart of a wealthy entrepreneur. But passion comes with a price tag…. A silent melodrama, The Beast showcases Hertz’s talent. 


Dir.: Olga Chajdas
| 120 minutes

Self-assured debut about cool and apparently aloof teacher Nina, who is looking for a surrogate mother for the child she and her husband long for. Young, attractive Magda looks like a suitable candidate. But everything changes when Nina unexpectedly falls in love with the lesbian.

Camera Buff

בימוי: קז‘ישטוף קישלובסקי
| 112 minutes

A small-town factory worker with a wife, a child, and an 8 mm camera, is appointed as official documenter of the goings-on in his factory. As his skill grows, and as he objectively documents reality, he unwittingly becomes an enemy of the establishment.

Following the screening, conversation between Dr. Monica Talarczyk and Avner Shavit

The Last Stage

Dir.: Wanda Jakubowska
| 110 minutes

On the night Marta arrives in Auschwitz, she is handed the job of translating for the Germans. The film follows her days in the Camp. Filmed on location, The Last Stage is a striking must-see. 

The Last Family

Dir.: Jan P. Matuszynski
| 123 minutes

Renowned surreal painter Zdzislaw Beksinski documents everything on his camera, including his family. What follows are 30 years of family moments: feuds, loving moment, memories of a lifetime. 

How to be Loved

Dir.: Wojciech Has
| 97 minutes

WWII in Warsaw. Felicia hides Victor, an actor she loved, and who is pursued by the Germans, in her apartment. When the War ends, he leaves without a word of gratitude. Felicia remembers the story many years later. 

The Lure

Dir.: Agnieszka Smoczynska
| 92 minutes

Two mermaids surface in Warsaw and find work in a night club. One falls for a human, the other develops a taste for blood, and both become a local attraction. In short: this is in musical horror flick with mermaids full of visionary brilliance.