Tuesday | 09.08.22

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The Aeronauts

Dir.: Tom Harper
| 101 minutes

London, 1862. A scientist convinced that weather can be predicted and an ambitious and clever pilot try to advance their discoveries by embarking on an epic adventure in a hot air balloon, but soon find their lives hanging by a thread. 

The Irishman

Dir.: Martin Scorsese
| 210 minutes

An epic crime saga about a truck driver turned hit man that explores topics of masculinity, loyalty, guilt, and redemption. Scorsese collaborates once again with De Niro and Pesci and for the first time directs Al Pacino, to bring to the screen “a majestic Mob epic” (Variety).

The Art of Waiting

Dir.: Erez Tadmor
| 87 minutes

Liran and Tali long for a child. After facing trouble conceiving, the two turn to IVF, but soon discover that trying to get pregnant is not just a biological process. Will their love survive? 

Première année

Dir.: Thomas Lilti
| 92 minutes

Antoine is finally in medical school. Benjamin, the son of a senior physician, is also starting his freshman year. The two will form an unlikely friendship while facing the competitive nature of the school, the daily pressures, and the high expectations.


Dir.: Jay Roach
| 109 minutes

When senior reporter Gretchen Carlson dares to file a sexual harassment charge against Fox News head Robert Ailes, a Pandora’s Box explodes at the conservative news outlet. Bombshell goes back to the key moments of the story, boasting brilliant performances, a witty script, and an energetic direction.

Knives Out

Dir.: Rian Johnson
| 131 minutes

When renowned crime novelist Harlan Thrombey is found murdered just after his 85th birthday, private investigator Benoit Blanc sets out to discover which one of the family members is responsible. A “terrific, twisted, all-star fun” (Rollin Stone).

Honey Boy

Dir.: Alma Har’el
| 93 minutes

After an alcohol induced accident, young movie star Otis goes to rehab and reflects back on his stormy childhood and living with an overbearing alcoholic father. The film, written by LaBeouf and based on his own experiences, is a candid and sensitive portrait. 

An Officer and a Spy

Dir.: Roman Polanski
| 132 minutes

Roman Polanski’s new film takes us to 1895 Paris. Georges Picard, a young ambitious officer, watches convicted spy, Alfred Dreyfus, publicly humiliated and sentenced to life in prison. Picard is confident of his guilt. However, as Picard begins to investigate, doubts begin to arise.

The Operative

Dir.: Yuval Adler
| 120 minutes

A Canadian woman recruited by the Mossad to go undercover in Tehran becomes entangled in a complex triangle with her handler and her subject. The captivating performances and the film’s emotional tension, make for an engrossing viewing experience.