Wednesday | 08.12.21

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Dir.: Guy Amir, Hanan Savyon
| 105 minutes

A robbery gone wrong sends Shaul to jail and Nissan fleeing out of the country. When Shaul is released, Nissan hopes to receive his forgiveness, and together they hope to finally get their hands on the loot they hid. 

Fisherman’s Friends

Dir.: Chris Foggin
| 112 minutes

A music company manager challenges one of his workers to sign the local choir of a fishermen’s village. While discovering the joys of the simple life, he will have to take these men and transform them into stars. “A gentle, sweet-natured comedy” (Guardian). 

Ford v Ferrari

Dir.: James Mangold
| 152 minutes

The rivalry between automobile makers Ford and Ferrari stands at the base of this enjoyable, energetic, and moving film. Car designer Carroll Shelby and racer Ken Miles battle the laws of physical and personal demons to build the dream car.

21 Bridges

Dir.: Brian Kirk
| 99 minutes

When a drug deal goes south and eight cops are killed, two detectives set out to catch the killers. With only one night to solve the case, the two soon discover they are only pawns in a grander game. 


Dir.: Todd Phillips
| 122 minutes

Still living with his mother and working as a clown, all Arthur dreams of is becoming a successful standup comedian. An incident at work will cause all sense of reality to fade. Joaquin Phoenix gives one of the most mesmerizing performances of the year, in this striking, sweeping, and unnerving work.

The White Crow

Dir.: Ralph Fiennes
| 127 minutes

Ralph Fiennes presents a cinematic biography of the brilliant dancer, Rudolf Nureyev. Fiennes manages to maintain the dramatic tension without giving up on the artistic dimension of Nureyev's life.

Varda by Agnès

Dir.: Agnès Varda
| 115 minutes

In her last work, Agnès Varda takes us on a journey through her personal life and career. While giving a masterclass, she answers questions about creation and creativity; her answers, as always, are intimate. With her creative force, her humanity, and her wit, the result is a rare portrait. 

Onsite Screening

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Dir.: Céline Sciamma
| 120 minutes

France, 1770. Marianne is commissioned to paint the wedding portrait of the aristocratic Heloise. But the bride refuses, and Marianne is forced to paint her in private. An enchanting, breathtaking, fascinating and passionate work, with masterful cinematography and extraordinary performances.