Monday | 25.01.21

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New Films


Dir.: Julius Onah
| 109 minutes

Suspicions that his violent past is still affecting him arise when Luce, a high school student that was adopted from Eritrea, begins showing disturbing behavior. Through an elegant script and rich characterization, Luce masterfully casts doubt on the viewers’ perception of reality. 

Peaches & Cream

Dir.: Gur Bentwich
| 92 minutes

An existential comedy about a neurotic film director whose fear of failure, death, and losing control all surface on the evening his new film is released, creating an unforgettable night - at least for him and his band of eccentrics.

A Regular Woman

Dir.: Sherry Hormann
| 96 minutes

Aynur, the vibrant beautiful of Turkish immigrants living in Germany, is married at age 16 to a violent man and becomes pregnant. Realizing that life does not have to be what her orthodox Muslim family had in mind, she escapes to Berlin for a new start.

Edmond de Bergerac

Dir.: Alexis Michalik
| 110 minutes

Edmond Rostand is a young playwright trying to make a name for himself in Paris of the late 19th century. Desperate, he offers the great actor Constant Coquelin a new play in verse. Only problem is, he has not actually written anything yet, all he has is the title – Cyrano de Bergerac…. 

Ad Astra

Dir.: James Gray
| 123 minutes

30 years after his father disappeared on a mission in space, astronaut Roy McBride is sent into deep space to discover the reasons behind mysterious power surges on Earth and their connection to his missing father. “It’s an extraordinary picture” (Guardian).

Young Ahmed

Dir.: Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne
| 85 minutes

The film focuses on Ahmed (Idir Ben Addi in a powerful debut performance), a boy swept up the process of Islamic radicalization, and unravels his story with realistic intensity and human compassion. A new film by the Dardenne brothers.

Les Invisibles

Dir.: Louis Julien Petit
| 102 minutes

When the state announces the closure of the shelter for homeless women, the workers decide to take charge and keep the place running. The film’s ability to connect the social drama with moments of humor and humanity accumulates into a triumphant and gratifying drama.