Monday | 05.12.22

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Rolling to You

Dir.: Franck Dubosc
| 107 minutes

Jocelyn is a successful businessman, selfish, and misogynist. To seduce a young pretty woman, he pretends to be handicapped. But when he meets her sister in a wheelchair, Jocelyn’s world turns upside-down. An exquisite, elegant, and funny romantic comedy. 

Crazy Rich Asians

Dir.: John M. Chu
| 120 minutes

Rachel is invited by her boyfriend to attend his friend’s wedding in Singapore. Upon their arrival, Rachel discovers her boyfriend kept a few details about his life secret. Now Rachel is in for the adventure of her life.

Christopher Robin

Dir.: Marc Forester
| 104 minutes

Christopher Robin is all grown up, with a career and a family. When his work causes him to miss out on a family vacation, a few old friends pop back into his life to remind him what is truly important in the world. “Simple. Sweet. Effective” (Chicago Sun Tribune).

Juliet, Naked

Dir.: Jesse Peretz
| 97 minutes

A mere talkback spirals into a trans-Atlantic relationship between a British woman and the American rock star her boyfriend admires. A delightful adaptation of Nick Hornby’s bestseller featuring Ethan Hawke and Rose Byrne.


Dir.: Matteo Garrone
| 95 minutes

Marcello runs a dog boarding facility, but another job leads him to a dangerous relationship with a violent former boxer. This dark and poignant spaghetti Western of sorts, from the masterful Matteo Garrone, is about an eternal victim who strives to change his life. 

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Dir.: Christopher McQuarrie
| 148 minutes

Ethan Hunt and his team are sent on a mission to intervene and stop an anarchist group from blowing up Mecca, Jerusalem, and the Vatican. “Fallout turns out to be a breathlessly exciting action spectacular: the blockbuster spy thriller as sustained endorphin rush” (A.V. Club). 

Everything You Want

Dir.: Francesco Bruni
| 106 minutes

Giorgio, an elderly poet living alone, forms an unlikely friendship with Alessandro, who is 60 years his junior. Their friendship will send them on a sensitive journey through past memories. Francesco Bruni explores the generational gap without falling into clichés.