Sunday | 14.04.24

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Miloš Forman: A Tribute

Sing-Along Event

Join us for an evening of song and good vibes with a sing-along extravaganza the cult classic Hair – pre-show with drag queens Yossele and Moksha, beer for 10 NIS, and more…


Dir.: Miloš Forman
| 121 minutes

A young American, who wants to join the Vietnam War, meets on the eve of his enlistment a group of New York hippies and is swept into the world of freedom, drugs, and nudity. an excellent musical which brings back the atmosphere of the Sixties.

Peter and Pavla

Dir.: Miloš Forman
| 97 minutes

Forman’s first feature film focuses on Peter, a none too bright, but sympathetic and amusing 17-year-old.

Taking Off

Dir.: Miloš Forman
| 92 minutes

When a teenage girl runs away from her seemingly normal parents, they join an organization of similarly bereaved couples in an attempt to understand their offspring.

The Firemen’s Ball

Dir.: Miloš Forman
| 73 minutes

The story of a local firemen’s brigade in a provincial town, which organizes a ball in honor of its leader’s birthday. In spite of the preparations, their best-laid plans quickly go astray. A political satire on an incompetent regime, which lays waste to all it seeks to control. 


Dir.: Miloš Forman
| 160 minutes

film version of Peter Shaffer’s highly acclaimed play about the rivalry between the composer Salieri and the musical genius Mozart. Winner of 8 Oscars, including best film, best actor, best director and best screenplay.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Dir.: Miloš Forman
| 134 minutes

A man has himself sent to a mental hospital to avoid a jail sentence and soon becomes involved in a violent conflict with authority when he tries to enliven the atmosphere. Jack Nickolson gives an unforgettable performance in this masterful work.

Man on the Moon

Dir.: Miloš Forman
| 118 minutes

Andy Kaufman wasn’t just a comedian. Both his stage and personal lives were an endless examination of the borders between fiction and reality, between the authentic and the staged. The film is based on the life and work of Kaufman. 


Dir.: Miloš Forman
| 140 minutes

Miloš Forman’s version of Choderlos de Laclos Liaisons Dangereuses is a very well-acted and beautiful interpretation of the cold and calculating sexual schemes of the Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmont.

Goya's Ghosts

Dir.: Miloš Forman
| 113 minutes

A historical drama on the complex relationship between government and subject, involving the Spanish painter Francisco Goya and his muse, Ines.