Sunday | 28.02.21

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Marek Rozenbaum: A Tribute

Film producers will probably never be considered as a creative force to follow, as are directors or actors, and yet film producer Marek Rozenbaum, with a career spanning over four decades, is a significant and creative factor in Israeli cinema. The list of titles he produced is not only long and glorious - more than fifty feature films alongside documentaries and TV series - but a more careful look, shows courage and an imprint that, once again, Rozenbaum was able to give opportunity to the most original and interesting voices in Israeli cinema of the last decades

Preview Screening

Red Fields

Dir.: Keren Yedaya
| 93 minutes

Based on the Rock Opera Mami by Hillel Mitelpunkt. The 16 songs recorded live, new arrangements by Dudu Tassa and Nir Maimon, tell the unbelievable story of Mami, a young woman from a town in the south, whose husband's injury changes her life forever.

Saint Clara

Dir.: Uri Sivan, Ari Folman
| 84 minutes

Clara Chanov, a 13-year-old Russian immigrant, is from a family with amazing supernatural powers which only become apparent the first time they fall in love.

To Take a Wife

Dir.: Ronit Elkabetz, Shlomi Elkabetz
| 97 minutes

Vivian wants to divorce Elyahoo. He wants to preserve the customs of the old world of Morocco, and she wants to live a new life in Israel. They’re not meant to be together, but are stuck with one another because of culture, fears, harsh family values and four children. 

Late Marriage

Dir.: Dover Kosashvilli
| 100 minutes

32-year-old Zaza’s parents want him married according to tradition. But Zaza is madly in love with Judith, an older divorcee and mother of a 6-year-old daughter. But when his parents find out about their son’s secret life, Zaza will have to choose between tradition and love.

Yana’s Friends

Dir.: Arik Kaplun
| 90 minutes

A new immigrant from Russia finds love in the sealed room of her Tel Aviv apartment during the Gulf War.


Dir.: Dover Kosashvili
| 120 minutes

The first years of the State of Israel, a three-month boot camp for non-combatants. The film deals with people at the bottom of the social ladder, who dream of ascending to the top. This is a battle for the individual’s survival, a war for status, identity, and independence.


Dir.: Keren Yedaya
| 100 minutes

Ruthie and Or, a mother and her daughter, live in a small flat. Ruthie has been a prostitute for the last twenty years and 18-year-old Or has tried many times to have her quit. Or decides that this time, things must change.

The Investigation

Dir.: Marek Rozenbaum
| 94 minutes

A famous singer is apprehended as a suspect in a major theft. The investigation officer finds himself at a dead end as the suspect’s intransigent personality, as well as his wife and mistress, complicate the case. 

God’s Neighbors

Dir.: Meni Yaesh
| 98 minutes

Rules must be followed. For the “supervisors״ of a Bat Yam, this means making sure the laws of the Jewish tradition are kept. The group׳s dynamic is challenged when their leader falls for a young woman who doesn’t follow their rules.


Dir.: Jacob Goldwasser
| 100 minutes

Laces tells the story of a complicated relationship between Reuben, an aging father, and Gadi, his special-needs son, whom he abandoned as a young boy. Years later, Reuben's kidneys are failing and Gadi wants to donate one of his own kidneys.