Sunday | 28.11.21

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Life Is Comedy

A series on the the history of comedy in cinema with Alon Gur Arye.

Price for full series: 180 NIS / Cinematheque Members: 140 NIS

Tickets per event: 55 NIS / Cinematheque Members: 40 NIS

Onsite screening

From Jacques Tati to Louis de Funès – The Art of French Comedy

Speaker (in Heb.): Alon Gur Arye. The story of how comedy film was invented in France through its most recognized and pioneering figures.

La grande vadrouille

Dir.: Gérard Oury
| 132 minutes

A British bomber is shot down over Nazi occupied Paris. While the German army is on their trail, the three British pilots try and find their way to safety. Together the three experience a laugh-out-loud adventure all over France. 

Onsite screening

Roberto Benigni – The Boy from Tuscany that Conquered Hollywood

Speaker (in Heb.): Alon Gur Arye. The story of the boy from Tuscany who took Hollywood by storm with his signature heartfelt comedy.

Johnny Stecchino

Dir.: Roberto Benigni
| 122 minutes

Dante drives a school bus for retarded children. He meets Maria, who realizes that Dante is the spitting image of her mafioso boyfriend - Johnny Stecchino. Johnny is in hiding from the Mafia and Maria plans to get Dante bumped off in his place. An anarchist comic gem. 

Onsite screening

The Best Musicals of the 20th Century

Speaker (in Heb.): Alon Gur Arye. The story of the best musicals in cinema – on funny milestones; the first talkie; revival; and Mel Brooks Jewish humor.

Singin’ in the Rain

Dir.: Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen
| 103 minutes

Singin’ in the Rain’s rare combination of full and sweeping plot development and the unforgettable musical and dance sequence create an unforgettable experience and one of the most wonderful films ever made.

Onsite screening

John Cleese, Fawlty Towers, and Monty Python – Best of British Humor

Speaker (in Heb.): Alon Gur Arye. The story of John Cleese, the British comic legend who took part in Britain's most beloved comedies, from Monthy Python to Fawlty Towers.

A Fish Called Wanda

Dir.: Charles Crichton
| 108 minutes

A crazy comedy a la Monty Python about a gang of jewel thieves and a very proper barrister…. One of the best comedies of the 1980s.