Monday | 27.03.23

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Juliette Binoche: A Tribute

Onsite Screening

The Truth

Dir.: Hirokazu Kore-eda
| 106 minutes

Fabienne is a veteran star that has published a rather scandalous memoir. Her daughter arrives from the USA to confront her, only to reencounter her mother’s charming narcissism. 

Onsite Screening

The Lovers on the Bridge

Dir.: Leos Carax
| 125 minutes

A painter, who is losing her eyesight, and a homeless clown with addiction issues, form a special relationship on the backdrop of the most ancient bridge in Paris. The streets, skies, and trenches of Paris, all provide a platform for storytelling in a succession of spectacular images. 

Onsite Screening

Slack Bay

Dir.: Bruno Dumont
| 122 minutes

A sardonic tale with outlandish characters is at the center of French master Bruno Dumont's (Flanders) latest film. Juliette Binoche, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Fabrice Luchini head a fantastic cast that successfully merges humor and a touch of the bizarre.

Certified Copy

Dir.: Abbas Kiarostami
| 106 minutes

This witty and magical drama that takes place on the backdrop of Tuscan panoramas. Elle runs a small art gallery in Tuscany. She is anticipating the visit of James Miller, a British writer, promoting his latest book about the value of original and copied art works. Elle invites him to her gallery, and together they embark on a journey through Tuscany. 

Onsite Screening


Dir.: Olivier Assayas
| 107 minutes

Assayas’s film, starring Juliette Binoche and Guillaume Canet, is a witty comedy about a publisher and author who face mid-life crises, the changing literary world, and dominant wives. As the film unfolds, a level of weighty emotion is interwoven with its intellectual and comical aspects. 

Onsite Screening


Dir.: Michael Haneke
| 117 minutes

A television host fast forwards through a cassette his wife found on their doorstep and  suspects they are being stalked. From here on in, the layers of mystery around the stalker are peeled away to undermine the bourgeois serenity of their lives. Michael Haneke's film is both morality tale and thriller with an ending that will leave you breathless. Fair print

Onsite Screening

Three Colors: Blue

Dir.: Krzysztof Kieslowski
| 93 minutes

Blue ("Liberty"), the first chapter in the Three Colors trilogy, centers on a woman who has lost her composer husband and young daughter in a car crash and her attempts to begin a new life free of her past acquaintances and commitments. 

Onsite Screening

The Widow of Saint-Pierre

Dir.: Patrice Leconte
| 110 minutes

Mid 19th-century. On the French-colonized island of St. Pierre, off the coast of Canada, two fisherman are accused of murder. The community opts for the death penalty, but while waiting for the guillotine to arrive from Martinique, one of the accused finds shelter in the home of the prison warden and his wife....

Onsite Screening

Clouds of Sils Maria

Dir.: Olivier Assayas
| 124 minutes

Maria Enders comes face-to-face with the passage of time when she agrees to take a role in a revival of the play that made her famous, while her legendary part is fulfilled by a young actress. Smart, ironic, moving; you won’t be able to take your eyes of Clouds of Sils Maria.