Tuesday | 07.07.20

Monthly Screenings

Gila Almagor: Carte Blanche

Marking Gila Almagor’s 80th birthday, we asked the Dame of Israeli cinema to choose her favorite films. 

The Great Dictator

Dir.: Charlie Chaplin
| 125 minutes

Chaplin's satire of Nazism, in which he plays a Jewish ghetto barber and dictator Adenoid Hynkel of Tomania.


Dir.: Luchino Visconti
| 110 minutes

Anna Magnani, in one of her greatest performances, plays a poor woman that is desperately trying to create a better future for her young daughter. She tries to get her into show business, but instead she is the one that captures the executives’ attention. 

Jules et Jim

Dir.: Francois Truffaut
| 105 minutes

Truffaut creates one of cinema’s most famous romantic triangles in this story of Jules and Jim, close friends in love with the same woman. A celebration of artistic ferment and bohemian life in Europe between the wars. 


Dir.: Michael Haneke
| 127 minutes

An elderly couple must deal with the wife’s physical and mental decline. Depicting the suffering and sorrow of their daily struggle, Michael Haneke formulates the meaning of true love in a refined and unsentimental way. 

Come and See

Dir.: Elem Klimov
| 154 minutes

German-occupied Belarus, 1943. Klimov’s hyper-realistic masterpiece describes the atrocities of war as seen through the eyes of a 15-year-old partisan.

Scenes from a Marriage

Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 283 minutes

Six scenes from a marriage in which the husband becomes involved with a younger woman... Bergman’s masterpiece conveys the aridity and bitterness of a beleaguered relationship. 

Les Enfants du Paradis

Dir.: Marcel Carne
| 195 minutes

Carne and Prevert’s masterpiece about the mime Baptiste whose passion for the beautiful Garance is thwarted by circumstances. A brilliantly detailed picture of Parisian theatre-street life of the 1840s.

La strada

Dir.: Federico Fellini
| 94 minutes

A tough guy managing a small circus buys a girl from a poor family and turns her into an object in both his show and his life. Remarkable performances by the entire cast, particularly Giulietta Masina.

On the Waterfront

Dir.: Elia Kazan
| 108 minutes

The Italian mafia controls the New York docks and the Dockers union. Ex-boxer Terry Malloy faces a serious dilemm. One of the best films ever made, this masterpiece showcases Brando at his very best.