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French Film Festival 2022


Dir.: Eric Besnard
| 110 minutes

On the eve of the French Revolution, a talented but proud chef finds himself working in his family's tavern. With the help of a mysterious young woman, he rediscovers his passion for cooking. A film that is a delicious treat for the senses. 

Secret Name

Dir.: Aurelia Georges
| 112 minutes

1914. On her way to the frontline, Nelie takes on the identity of a woman who dies in a bombing. The new identity brings her to the house of a Swiss noble family. But any lie has an expiration date, and Nelie's is fast approaching.

Trop d'amour

Dir.: Frankie Wallach
| 78 minutes

Frankie Wallach is fascinated by her 94-year-old grandmother Julia, her personality, and her survival story in the camps. She wants to immortalize her in a film she is working on but doesn't take into account the rest of the family.  

Lost Illusions

Dir.: Xavier Giannoli
| 144 minutes

Following a forbidden affair, Lucien moves to Paris. The metropolis captures his soul, but his attempts to fulfill his talents will teach him that there are no shortcuts to the top. A gratifying and entertaining adaptation of Balzac's masterful novel.


Dir.: Emma Benestan
| 100 minutes

When Az's girlfriend declines his marriage proposal, he moves back home. Luckily his friends will not let him dwell in the past and will do everything to keep his head above water. Fragile is a triumphant and uplifting romantic comedy.  

Waiting for Bojangles

Dir.: Regis Roinsard
| 125 minutes

Camille and Georges' relationship is warm and loving – the epiphany of romantic fantasy which concludes every night in a dance to their favorite song, "Mr. Bojangles." But the need to maintain this fantastic lifestyle comes at a price.


Dir.: Thomas Kruithof
| 98 minutes

When the mayor of a town near Paris is offered a cabinet seat, her ideology and ambitions collide. A sharp and dramatic script and the exceptional cast, led by the great Isabelle Huppert, transform Promises into a political and poignant drama.


Dir.: Francois Favrat
| 110 minutes

Social services force Naëlle into a rehabilitation program in The Companions, a place dedicated to preserving classical artifacts. Here she will have to adapt to new codes of conduct and find new meaning in her life. 

Beautiful Minds

Dir.: Bernard Campan
| 92 minutes
Two completely different men: a funeral director and a vegetable courier suffering from cerebral palsy, embark on a journey across France to deliver a coffin. With fantastic performances, the film garnered appreciation and admiration from French critics.

Hear Me Out

Dir.: Pascal Elbé
| 93 minutes

Antoine, a history teacher in his early 50s, learns that he is gradually losing his hearing. Unable to own up to his handicap, he resigns himself to withdrawing from society. A surprising encounter with a widowed mother will lead him to open up to the world.