Sunday | 09.08.20

Monthly Screenings

Francophone Film Week 2020

The program features works from around the world in which the influence of French culture is evident and that share the same humanistic values of equality and solidarity.

Our Mothers

Dir.: César Díaz
| 78 minutes

Cannes Camera d’Or winner is a tantalizing drama that takes place in Guatemala. A forensic anthropologist investigating the crimes of the 1980s civil war, encounters new evidence including a photograph of a man who resembles his father.


Dir.: Yannis Smaragdis
| 120 minutes

This is the inspirational story of Nikos Kazantzakis, who wrote Zorba the Greek and The Last Temptation of Jesus Christ. Through his world travels and a profound love story, his sources of inspiration are unveiled.

In Memory of Lia van Leer

An evening in memory of the Cinematheque’s founder, Lia van Leer, with special friends and a film she would have loved. Opening remarks (in Heb.): Michel Kichka.

A Brother’s Love

Dir.: Monia Chokri
| 117 minutes

Sophia is an unemployed academic and unlucky in love woman living with her brother. But when he meets someone, Sophia will have to reconsider her life. A Brother’s Love is a triumphant comedy with a witty script, a bitter-sweet protagonist, and a talented director. 


Dir.: Boris Oué, Marcel Sangne
| 105 minutes

Yenan’s daily struggles are hidden within the walls of her home. To the outside, her life is picture perfect. Now, Yenan will have to make the most difficult choice of her life…. A realistic family drama that deals with domestic violence with a precise script and intelligent direction. 

Tambour battant

Dir.: François-Christophe Marzal
| 90 minutes

In the spring of 1970, a small village is shaken when the two brass bands, one old and one new, compete in the Swiss final contest, while at the same time the women of the village push for equal rights.

Sunrise in Kimmeria

Dir.: Simon Farmakas
| 100 minutes

In a small village, Skevos is working off his family’s debts. When a mysterious object crashes onto his field, a new financial opportunity makes its way to Skevos’ doorstep. The film combines the screwball comedy with dramatic elements to pull off this wickedly whimsical film.

The Red Collar

Dir.: Jean Becker
| 83 minutes

France, 1919. A war hero is incarcerated in a small village. The only one waiting for him is his dog that will not leave his sight. In the near village, a bright young woman is also waiting for the judge to unravel the case.

Palace for the People

Dir.: Georgi Bogdanov, Boris Missirkov
| 76 minutes

Unique architectural feats built during the Communist regime. The film explores their history, style, and their social and political meanings. 


Dir.: Andrei Cohn
| 126 minutes

Romania, 1980s. An architect is arrested and is put in holding together with a young prisoner who is trying his best to get a confession out of him. Arest explores the repercussions of the totalitarian regime on the psychic of the nation.


Dir.: Garry Keane, Andrew McConnell
| 94 minutes

In Gaza, the story belongs to the people who live there…. Young rebels are also integral to Gaza’s human fabric. Gaza is where life moves in circles, where the weight of the past bears down on any imaginable future.