Friday | 30.10.20

Monthly Screenings

Finita la commedia? 2019

The Festival of the Italian comedy is back. The selection of films offers an opportunity to see, for the first time (or revisit), three Pietro Germi masterpieces and to appreciate some of the most successful examples of current comedies based on salient aspects of contemporary Italian society.

Opening Event

Screening in the presence of director Alessandro Capitani

Travelling with Adele

Dir.: Alessandro Capitani
| 80 minutes

Adele is a 25-year-old with Asperger. She has never known her father and has always lived with her protective mother. But when her mother dies, and all her relatives abandon her, she meets an elderly actor who has come to pay his respects. A humble heartwarming drama.


Dir.: Phaim Bhuiyan
| 84 minutes

A young Italian man from a traditional Bangladesh family meets a young woman, who is the exact opposite of him. Now, he will have to find a way to settle his love for her and the strict Muslim order of celibacy before marriage. 

The Champion

Dir.: Leonardo D’Agostini
| 105 minutes

When the actions of the pride and joy of Rome’s football club begin to impose on his promising career, the club’s president decides to intervene. He hires a personal tutor to help him with his anger management. The Champion is a triumphant initiation film. 

Ordinary Happiness

Dir.: Daniele Luchetti
| 93 minutes

On his way to work, Paolo dies in an accident. But what would happen if due to a calculation error in Heaven, he will receive another 90 minutes to try and achieve what is truly important in life, and how does he squeeze all this happiness into such a short time? 

An Almost Ordinary Summer

Dir.: Simone Godano
| 100 minutes

Two completely different families – one an aristocratic, eccentric, and liberal, the other conservative working family – spend their holiday together. What has brought them together? The answer will disrupt everyone’s routine…. A charming comedy about prejudice, greed, and questions of masculinity and identity.

My Brother Chases Dinosaurs

Dir.: Stefano Cipani
| 101 minutes

When Jack was little, he was told that his brother Gio, who has Down syndrome, has super powers. Now that Jack is in high school, he becomes embarrassed by his brother and tries to hide their connection. But when he meets Arianna, Jack will have to come face to face with reality.

Divorce Italian Style

Dir.: Pietro Germi
| 104 minutes

A virulent satire targeting the Sicilian aristocracy and the Catholic laws. A local noble tires of his wife and falls in love with his niece. To get rid of his wife he pushes her into the arms of a lover and then kills her and marries his young relative. 

Seduced and Abandoned

Dir.: Pietro Germi
| 113 minutes

desperate Sicilian man, whose 15-year-old daughter was seduced and impregnated by his older daughter’s fianc, tries to find a way to save the family’s honor. The script’s mechanics make for some wild and unforgettable scenes, resulting in this razor-sharp classic.

The Birds, the Bees and the Italians

Dir.: Pietro Germi
| 125 minutes

Three stories create a powerful satire that takes aim at the hypocrisy of the Italian bourgeoisie – a doctor cannot handle his wife’s independence; a married man leaves his family for another woman; a group of dignitaries get into trouble for messing with a minor.