Monthly Screenings

Czech That 2022

Opening Event

Screening in the presence of director Michal Nohejl


Dir.: Michal Nohejl
| 95 minutes

Prague, 1968. After a rehearsal, a theatre group gathers in a bar to celebrate. However, the cheerful gathering is interrupted by a drunken Soviet officer. With a Lubitschian narrative structure, Occupation triumphantly reconstructs the cynical and witty tone of Czech cinema of the 1960s. 

The Firemen’s Ball

Dir.: Miloš Forman
| 73 minutes

The story of a local firemen’s brigade in a provincial town, which organizes a ball in honor of its leader’s birthday. In spite of the preparations, their best-laid plans quickly go astray. A political satire on an incompetent regime, which lays waste to all it seeks to control. 

Bet on Friendship

Dir.: Patrik Hartl
| 118 minutes

Four long-time friends realize that they are almost 40 and their dreams have never materialized. To battle their midlife crisis, the four challenge themselves to complete several daunting challenges. Bet on Friendship is a humorous portrait of masculinity in crisis.

Peter and Pavla

Dir.: Miloš Forman
| 97 minutes

Forman’s first feature film focuses on Peter, a none too bright, but sympathetic and amusing 17-year-old.