Sunday | 16.05.21

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Cinema Italia 2020

Festival del Cinema Italiano in Israele
The Cinema Italia program offers the viewers a close look at contemporary Italian cinema, additionally this year, we mark Federico Fellini’s 100 birthday with some of his most beloved works and two shorts.
Onsite Screening


Dir.: Carlo Sironi
| 102 minutes

As surrogacy is not allowed in Italy, a local businessman enlists the help of his nephew Ermanno to pretend to be married to a pregnant Polish woman. But the pseudo-relationship awakens in Ermanno feeling he never thought he would have. 

Fellini Two Shorts

69 Minutes
Matrimonial Agency, A reporter, posing as a potential groom, meets a village girl hoping to find her match | The Temptation of Dr. Antonio, A conservative zealous man, protesting against a billboard of Anita Ekberg provocatively selling milk, finds himself haunted by the giant figure.
Onsite Screening

If Only

Dir.: Ginevra Elkann
| 101 minutes

Alma journeys to Rome for her annual vacation with her father. Back home in Paris, is her mother, her new step-father, and unspoken plans for the future. But this will not deter Alma from seeing signs that her parents are getting back together. A compelling family drama.

Onsite Screening

La dolce vita

Dir.: Federico Fellini
| 176 minutes

In Fellini’s masterpiece, we accompany Italian gossip journalist, from party to party among Roman high society, along with his photographer Paparazzo. With them, we meet a whole bunch of others who give us insights about life.

Onsite Screening

All My Crazy Love

Dir.: Gabriele Salvatores
| 97 minutes

Vincent is an energetic teen with a disability that often leads to verbal and physical outbursts. When his biological father suddenly reappears in his life, he takes a chance and sneaks into his car, not knowing that his father is about to embark on a tour of the Balkans…. 

Dir.: Federico Fellini
| 135 minutes

The hero of Fellini’s extremely personal statement is a film director beset by family problems as he embarks on a new production. Memories crowd his mind, culminating in the final parade of figures from his past.