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Cinema Italia

The Italian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv is proud to present the eighth edition of Cinema Italia, a major event in its 2021 cultural program, taking place under the auspices of the Embassy of Italy in Israel.
Cinema Italia 2021 is the result of the close and fruitful collaboration between the Italian Cultural Institutes of Tel Aviv and Haifa, Istituto Luce Cinecittà and the Cinematheques of Israel.
We wish to thank Monica Moscato - Filmitalia, Paola Ruggiero - Cinecittà Luce, Barbara e Andrea Di Girolamo – Filmexport; Riccardo Mancini WB Italy; Adriano De Micheli - Dean Film; Sandra Zingarelli – Rocca Delle Macie; Tina Martelloni e Gualtiero Rosella.

Onsite screening

Thou Shalt Not Hate

Dir.: Mauro Mancini
| 96 minutes

Simone, a successful surgeon, is called to a scene of an accident. But when he sees the swastika tattoo on the victim's chest, Simone, the son of a holocaust survivor, flees the scene. Haunted by guilt, he searches for the man's family and tries to find redemption. 

Onsite screening

We Loved Each Other So Much

Dir.: Ettore Scola
| 136 minutes

Three men who have fought together against the fascist regime meet after 30 years and try to discover what is left from their old friendship. A masterpiece that, like all of Scola’s cinematography, is able to combine the everyday and mundane with surprising intelligent insights.

Onsite screening


Dir.: Ettore Scola
| 110 minutes

Jordan has to sell the 'Splendor' movie theater he inherited from his father because of low attendance and the resulting debts... An affectionate and nostalgic look at cinema. 

Onsite screening

The Ties

Dir.: Daniele Luchetti
| 100 minutes

Vanda and Aldo are still going strong, even when 30 years ago Aldo fell in love with Lidia and almost broke up their marriage. They are loyal but unfaithful; united but estranged. What bonds the two? Is it love or is it a bed of thrones? A  virtuoso work with superb performances.

Onsite screening

The Truth About La Dolce Vita

Dir.: Giuseppe Pedersoli
| 83 minutes

1958, Federico Fellini is struggling to find a producer and finance his next work, La Dolce Vita. The only one willing to believe in the masterful project is Giuseppe Amato. Belief aside, the production becomes a thing of nightmares. The story of a legendary film comes to the screen.

Onsite screening


Dir.: Pietro Castellitto
| 109 minutes

A random accident ties the Pavone family – bourgeois intellectuals; and the Vismara family - proletarian and Fascists – together, forcing them to come face-to-face with each other in the wild jungle named Rome. 

Onsite screening

Hidden Away

Dir.: Giorgio Diritti
| 120 minutes

Antonio is exorcized from Switzerland to Italy against his will. Penniless, he lives in the Po floodplains, preferring the company of animals over men. Copying them, drawing them in his unique style. A cinematic portrait of the eccentric artist Antonio Ligabue, a revolutionary of Naïve Art. 

Onsite screening

The Family

Dir.: Ettore Scola
| 127 minutes

Constructed of many episodes, told from the perspective of 80-year-old Carlo, the film chronicles 80 years in the life of one upper-middle-class Italian clan. 

Onsite screening


Dir.: Salvatore Mereu
| 130 minutes

The confession and reckoning of the owner of the Assandria over the farm turned hotel burning down and killing his son trigger hidden emotions that generate a vital human movement, which brings to the surface the tragedy of agricultural Sardinia trampled under the force of capitalist tourism. 

Onsite screening

Captain Fracassa's Journey

Dir.: Ettore Scola
| 132 minutes

17th century France - a troupe of travelling players seeks shelter in an old castle.... From here on, Scola fills the film with minor characters and plots, while supporting the essence of the nobleman's growth and the blurred boundaries between illusion and reality. 

Onsite screening

Parents vs Influencers

Dir.: Michela Andreozzi
| 94 minutes

Widower and philosophy professor Paolo has a great relationship with his only child Simone. Now in her teens, Simone seems to suddenly prefer the company of her phone to that of her father. Little does he know he will become an influencer himself

Onsite screening

You Came Back

Dir.: Stefano Mordini
| 98 minutes

When a mysterious woman claims that she can hear in her apartment the voice of a child that tragically died, Marco's ex-wife clings to the implausible tale, and Marco, who is expecting another baby, finds himself torn between the past and the future.

Onsite screening

Bad Tales

Dir.: Damiano and Fabio D'Innocenzo
| 100 minutes

A neighborhood in the suburbs of Rome, several families living on the edge. The summer heat is stifling and the behavior of everyone is about to take a foul turn. As tensions rise, four pre-teens are about to ignite the dangerous fuse.