Monday | 26.10.20

Monthly Screenings

Carol Reed: A Tribute

As part of the restoration festival, we will present The Third Man, the excellent thriller by British director, Carol Reed. Soon after, we will be screening two more of his films. These three films were created in the 1940s, the peak of Reed's career. These films refute the claim that the "The Third Man, is actually a film by Orson Welles (starring in it). These films reveal that Reed was a great director, with an excellent eye, who knew how to direct actors, create an atmosphere and has perfect control of cinematic means.

The Third Man

Dir.: Carol Reed
| 104 minutes

The classical adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel about the mysterious disappearance of the writer Harry Lime in post-WWII Vienna. This suspenseful plot set on the background of the opening moments of the Cold War is the ground for this masterpiece for the ages. 

The Fallen Idol

Dir.: Carol Reed
| 95 minutes

Mr. Baines is the loyal butler for a foreign embassy in London. The ambassador’s son finds in him a kindred spirit. But when the boy witnesses a suspicious event, everybody’s life will change. A wonderfully thrilling and satisfying work, with a precise script and tremendous performances.

The Man Between

Dir.: Carol Reed
| 100 minutes

Susanne arrives in divided Berlin post-WWII to visit her brother and his girlfriend Bettina. Under the surface, the old Berlin of the War is at full force and Bettina’s relationship with a mysterious man will open a closet full of skeletons.