Tuesday | 18.06.24

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48mm Festival

Following the screening, a conversation with actor Mohammad Bakri

The Tower

Dir.: Mats Grorud
| 74 minutes

11-year-old Wardi lives with her family in a Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut. When she receives her great grandfather’s key to his old house in the Galilee, she learns the story of four generations of her family and their complex relationships with hope.

Following the screening, a conversation between director Daniel Wachsmann and Prof. Hillel Cohen, Hebrew University Jerusalem

Acre Dreams

Dir.: Daniel Wachsmann
| 77 minutes

A Palestinian theater director directs an autobiographical play in the mixed Jewish-Arab city of Acre. The play takes place in 1947, and tells a love story between his grandmother and the last Jewish resident who remained in the city during the war of 1948. The play comes under threat.

Following the screening, a conversation with director Sahera Dirbas

I Signed the Petition + On the Doorstep

I Signed the Petition - Immediately after a Palestinian man signs an online petition, he is thrown into a panic-inducing spiral of self-doubt. | On the Doorstep - Three generations of the Bisharat family in the US maintain their emotional attachment to their family home in Jerusalem’s Talbyia neighborhood, taken over by Israelis in 1948. Among them is Valerie who visits her grandfather’s house

Following the screening, a conversation with Prof. Raphael Greenberg 

The Apollo of Gaza

Dir.: Nicolas Wadimoff
| 70 minutes

In 2013, an ancient statue of Apollo was found in the waters off Gaza – before disappearing under mysterious circumstances. The Apollo of Gaza is both an archeological thriller and an engaging reflection on the passage of time and the fragility of civilizations.