Sunday | 14.07.24

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Shakespeare, Sondheim, Spielberg: The Making and Re-making of West Side Story
West Side Story 2021
Dir.: Steven Spielberg | 156 minutes

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The lecture will review the history and enduring legacy of West Side Story from its origin in Shakespeare’s tragic Romeo and Juliet to its stage and screen musical adaptations. We will discuss how each generation’s artists shaped the story of the star-crossed lovers by re-negotiating the pathos, artifice and realism of this timeless piece.

Speaker: Dr. Yaeli Greenblatt, The English Department at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

USA 2021 | 156 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the classic musical about the forbidden love between Maria, the Sharks' leader's sister, and Tony, the Jets' leader's best friend. Spielberg, perhaps the greatest filmmakers of our time, refines the original’s stereotypes, while keeping the pace and grace created by Sondheim (lyrics), Bernstein (music) and Robbins & Wise (direction). The result is an elegant and thrilling work that will sweep you off your feet.