Wednesday | 19.06.24

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Writers on Film: Delphine Horvilleur
Dir.: Woody Allen | 79 minutes

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Conversation with Reform rabbi, author, editor and prominent leader of French Jewry, Delphine Horvilleur, author of "Living with Our Dead". Through encounters with their loved ones and stories from the Jewish texts, Horvilleur offers her observations on death and its role in our lives, providing inspiring essays of solace. “Living with Our Dead” ranked as the sixth bestseller in France in 2021. 


USA 1983 | 79 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

In a brilliant tour-de-force of filmmaking, Allen creates a documentary of the fictional character Leonard Zelig, the "Chameleon Man" of the 30s. (Heb. only.; Allen instructed that the film be screened in the original languages of the countries in which it was shown.)