Thursday | 23.05.24

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Kiki's Delivery Service
Dir.: Hayao Miyazaki | 103 minutes

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Japan 1989 | 103 minutes | Japanese | Hebrew subtitles

KiKi, a young optimistic witch has just turned 13. According to tradition, this is precisely the time to leave her home in the little village and seek out a new place where she can practice her skills as a witch. Together with a talking cat called Jiji, Kiki heads for the nearby city of Koriko on the seacoast. She opens a delivery service for a small bakery and becomes friendly with the locals, one of whom, a young man named Tombo, is enthusiastic about her flying talents. Kiki will soon learn that independence involves responsibilities and hard work, and that only through these can she learn self-confidence and become a certified witch. Kiki’s Delivery Service, a funny and moving anima fantasy, incorporates an obviously educational narrative focused upon a young individual forced to leave home and secure surroundings for the first time and make her way in the world. Facing this challenge will test her maturity.