Sunday | 26.05.24

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Finally Dawn
Dir.: Saverio Costanzo | 140 minutes

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Italy 2023 | 140 minutes | Italian, English | Hebrew, English subtitles

In the 1950s, Cinecitta Studios became known as a place of glamor and dreams, "Hollywood on the Tiber River". This is where young Mimosa arrives to work as an extra. During an unforgettable night, she meets several international stars on the set and is captivated by the chaotic magic of cinema. Mimosa's journey is clouded by the shadow of Wilma Montesi, a (real) starlet from Rome, whose body is discovered on a nearby beach. Acclaimed director Saverio Costanzo transfers the audience to the golden age of Cinecitta and presents a stylish and enchanting drama with a sparkling cast of actors.