Thursday | 23.05.24

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Arnie Lawrence – The Way of the Dream
I Hear a Rainbow
Dir.: Eli Tal-El | 59 minutes

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Lecture (in Heb.) by: Hagai Bilitzky

Concert performed by: Hagai Bilitzky double bass, Ezequiel Hezi Jait guitar, Alec Katz piano, Yonatan Rosen drums, Jess Koren saxophone

In the program: Works that were played in Lawrence's many performances in the time he was in Israel, works that come from the great tradition of jazz and in the innovative and researching spirit that was an integral part of Arnie's message to his students and to the world. Including Jerusalem of Gold, and more

Screening in the presence of the director

Israel 2008 | 59 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

The film was produced following the death of legendary American jazz musician, Arnie Lawrence. Arnie touched the lives of musicians young and old, Israeli and American, Jew and Arab.

The director met Arnie, a sickly, neglected man who walked the streets of Jerusalem. Arnie spoke of his days of glory- performances with the greatest of his generation, from Dizzy Gillespie to Sonny Rollins, performances on prime-time television with Stan Getz and other icons and opening the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York.

Only after his death and curious about the truth behind Arnie’s stories, the director uncovers the story of this outstanding musician. This film follows the last days of iconic American jazz musician Arnie Lawrence, who fell from fame to homelessness in Israel where he created a bridge between people through music. His legacy is the generation of world-famous Israeli jazz musicians he inspired and who appear in the film.

First prize at the Kansas City International Film Festival, 2009.