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Vengeance Is Mine
Dir.: Michael Roemer | 118 minutes

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USA 1984 | 118 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

Trying to escape he troubled relationship and part with her adoptive mother, Jo returns to her childhood town in Rhode Island. Encounters with past acquaintances lead Jo to move in with her next-door neighbors. But their relationship is also tottering. Vengeance Is Mine is a family drama that takes surprising turns and reaches unexpected places. Michael Roemer directs his actors with emotional restraint that does not hide the disappointment and rage that fills them, but uses it to present the connections between them without sentiment. "Fantastic, not to mention fantastical... The film's introductory breeziness belies a literary, cinematic complexity... what you’ll witness is an American movie executed with a French film’s interpersonal insouciance (New York Times).

New restoration by Colorlab, Rockville, Maryland