Friday | 14.06.24

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Spinoza. 6 Reasons for the Excommunication of the Philosopher
Dir.: David Ofek | 55 minutes

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Screening in the presence of the filmmakers

Israel 2022 | 55 minutes | Hebrew, English, Dutch | Hebrew subtitles

The excommunication of Baruch Spinoza, the Dutch Jewish philosopher who revolutionized modern thought, is a formative, mysterious event in the understanding of his work. Director David Ofek takes us on an intercontinental journey tracing six reasons for Spinoza’s excommunication. Between Amsterdam, the Hague, New York, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv, he makes some surprising discoveries, and traces the figure of a man who continues to intrigue our culture with his ideas, which remain revolutionary, spiritual, and radical to this day. This is the 17th film created for The Hebrews project.