Monthly Screenings
All Quiet on the Western Front
Dir.: Edward Berger | 148 minutes

Other Screenings

Germany 2022 | 148 minutes | German | Hebrew subtitles

The first ever German adaptation of the Erich Maria Remarque classic novel that depicted his experiences as a German soldier on the French frontline during WWI. The novel captured the futility and desperation of war, and found success in Germany between the wars until it was banned by the Nazis. The story revolves around a group of friends that enlist towards the end of WWI and whose enthusiasm is quickly met with the horrific and bleeding reality if warfare. The war is portrayed as a series of continues confrontations that gradually drain the soul. This new adaptation transforms the novel into a cinematic spectacle, bringing to the screen images that are as cruel as they are stunning. The viewing experience stimulates the senses and emotions, as well as, raising moral question regarding the tension between aesthetics and ethics.