Saturday | 02.03.24

Monthly Screenings
Cinemidrash Elul: We Made Matzah Balls for the Revolution

Cinemidrash Elul will host producer Ira Kerem for a lecture following We Made Matzah Balls for the Revolution (Dir. Kellie Welborn) that will focus on whether individuals can bring about significant changes in Israeli society. In small groups, working on texts from the film and additional Jewish-Israeli sources, we will study together and ask how Jerusalem cooperatives are trying to create a revolution in Israel’s capital city and around the country as well.

Moderators from the Jerusalem/Israeli cooperative: Shlomi Perlmutter, Adi Ben-Zaken, Maayan Mor, Yogev Shechter

Musical interlude: “The Monster Song,” by Daniel Kolban

In Heb., Free entrance.

Elul, a pioneer (since 1989) in the revival of Beit Midrash studies in Israel, is a home for Jewish studies and renewal. The gates of Elul are open to both secular and religious men and women, inviting all to join moderated study circles and together, delve into a broad spectrum of Jewish sources: The Bible, the Talmud and the writings of the Sages, Jewish and general philosophy. Attentive listening and evenhanded dialogue flourish in the midst of diverse positions and identities in an environment that promotes connections and camaraderie. You are invited to develop your own interpretations in writing, art, and cultural initiatives that will create the future reality of Jewish-Israeli life in Zion and Jerusalem.

Initiated and produced by: Mariana Kronfeld and Miriam Levinovich

CEO: Guy Gardi