Sunday | 23.06.24

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Pulp Fiction
Dir.: Quentin Tarantino | 149 minutes

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For Tarantino, the recording and selection of songs for the soundtrack is a significant player in the cinematic experience: an immediate tool for the accuracy of time and place, and more than that, a means of injecting into the hpeening an external perspective: ironic, entertained or melancholic.

USA 1994 | 149 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

In what is now considered as one of the key films of the 1990s, Quentin superbly combines three entertaining, excellent, and viciously violent stories about the life of crime in Los Angeles. With tough and deliciously corrupt characters, witty dialogues that are a poetic as they come, the distinctive direction style, the brilliant musical choices, and non-linear timeline, Pulp Fiction is without a doubt a classic that should be enjoyed on the big screen.