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Dir.: Michael Curtis | 102 minutes

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AS TIME GOES BY, Casablanca’s theme song - for all its many live and orchestrated performances - is reason enough to watch and listen this excellent film time and time again. Composer Max Steiner reaches one of the peaks of his career, using the theme song and the two national anthems (of France and Germany) in a virtuoso manner to concoct a multifaceted, varied, delightful, and unforgettable soundtrack.

USA 1942 | 102 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

Everyone visits Rick’s cafe in Casablanca under the Vichy regime. Underneath the exterior of a cynical cafe owner, hides a tough romantic who has to choose between the heart and ideals, when his former lover reenters his life. Casablanca is one of the pinnacles of the Golden Age of Hollywood, a treat to be seen over and over again.