Friday | 30.09.22

Monthly Screenings
Masterclass: NOTHING IS HOLY
50 minutes

Meet the creators of the docu-animated "Holy Holocasut" - Osi Wald and Noa Berman-Herzberg.

How is the collaboration between an animator and a screenwriter whose personal story is the story told? Does a docu-animated film have to stick to realism? Is a Holocaust movie allowed to be funny? What is "sacred" when making a film about the "third-generation"? And what is "holy" in a work of art?

At the masterclass, the creators will talk about the collaborative directing process that eventually gave birth to a personal, feminine, docu-animated film of the two. And will share the film's conceptual and visual development processes - from the desire to cling to realism to the need to escape it as much as possible. In between, they will provide a glimpse into the film's 'making of' - early versions of the design, filmed references of movement and entire scenes left "on the floor of the editing room". Nothing is sacred. Also, in the creative process itself.