Friday | 04.12.20

Monthly Screenings
49% Festival Short Films

Speaker: Sharine Mohamed, Filmmaker

The Outside Is Better (Colombia 2017)

Dir.: Laura Mojica Moreno | María and Ana embark on a journey away from home, to free themselves from a predator. (9 min.)

I am Naked (France 2019)

Dir.: Alexandra Mignien | How does a woman, whose nude photos leak, feels?

Kaoruko (Canada 2018)

Dir.: Mia Miller | In rural 1969 Japan, a young Kaoruko has to defy her father’s traditional values to experience a Western-centric phenomenon. (7 min.)

Bukaneh (Iran 2018)

Dir.: Sharmin Soltanian | A very young girl wanders her village and reflects on the night of her marriage. (14 min.)

Stride (Iraq/Kurdistan 2019)

Dir.: Mazin Sherabayani | Single-mother Nasreen attempts to provide for her family through desperate times and measures. (14 min.)

Cinematic Letter (Egypt/USA 2020)

Dir.: Sharine Mohamed | A woman finds the words to speak with her mother about the past. (4 min.)