Saturday | 04.04.20

Monthly Screenings
An Evening in Memory of Micha Shagrir
Micha Shagrir - The Linzer Candy Boy
Dir.: Michael Pfeifenberger | 58 minutes

Other Screenings

Prior to the screening a ceremony will be held with introduction speeches. In presence of the filmmakers and Austrian Ambassador Hannah Liko.

Austria, Israel 2020 | 58 minutes | German, English, Hebrew | Hebrew, English subtitles

The estate of the late Israeli producer-director Micha Shagrir consists of 5,000 films, raw materials, TV articles, radio programs and screenplays. Among them, on-screen milestones of the Israeli film and television industry as well as personal films dealing with his Austrian heritege. Shagrir and his partners made the first international Israeli film and TV co-productions, including Austria. After the passing of Shagrir, Austrian director Michael Pfeifenberger is putting together Sahgrir's complex life story. An Austrian look on one of Israel's most prominent filmmakers.