Friday | 10.07.20

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Perfect Nanny
Dir.: Lucie Borleteau | 120 minutes

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Following the screening, a conversation with director Lucie Borleteau

Co-organized with The Institut français de Jérusalem – antenne Romain Gary (French Institute in Jerusalem – Romain Gary), with the support of the Service de Coopration et d’Action Culturelle du Consulat Général de France à Jérusalem (Cooperation Service of the French Consulate General in Jerusalem)

France 2019 | 120 minutes | French | Hebrew, English subtitles

After an extensive search for a nanny, Myriam finds Louise, who immediately wins the affections of the children. But the codependent relationship between family and nanny will soon overturn their lives. This family drama, based on Leila Slimani’s best-seller, subtly and stealthily transforms into a psychological thriller.