Monday | 21.06.21

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An Ordinary Life
Dir.: Efrat Shalom Danon, Gili Danon | 55 minutes

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Israel, Germany 2019 | 55 minutes | English, Hebrew, German, Tigrinya | Hebrew, English subtitles

Fadhumo and Helen are two refugees seeking sanctuary, one in Tel Aviv and one in Berlin, each coping with discrimination, otherness and a life away from home. The two close friends become social activists determined to assist women like themselves and to provide a better future for next generations. Efrat Shalom Danon and Gili Danon's documentary displays the contrasts between Israeli and German immigration policies, while shedding light on the two women's mutual fate: an unstable life controlled by government policy, always depending on human kindness, guided by the belief that despite everything, their dreams may still have a chance.