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The Dance Idol of Hollywood – Always on Time
Fred Astaire: l'homme aux pieds d'or | Fred Astaire donne le «la»
Dir.: Yives Riou, Philippe Pouchain |

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Tribute to Fred Astaire - 120 Years of his Birth

Lecture by: Nir Cohen-Shalit

Concert performed by: Guy Frati piano, arrangements and musical director,

Mika Einav, Yiftach Mizrahi singers, Alon Azizi bass, Nir Armon saxophone and flute

In the program: Works by George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin and more

France 2017 | | French, English | Hebrew, French subtitles

Great Fred Astaire! How has the most aerial dancer on the planet ever seduced so many generations? How did this child of the ball become a Hollywood star? An icon of the dance of which Rudolph Nureyev said: "What is extraordinary about Fred is his musicality and his agility.” The first film, Fred Astaire l’homme aux pieds d’or, is a firework movie that pays tribute to him by tracing his artistic itinerary, marked by prestigious partners and friends: from his sister Adèle to Ginger Rogers through Gershwin and many other names that have influenced this icon of dance. The second film, Fred Astaire donne le «la», returns to his unique collaborations with three great artists: Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern and George Gershwin. The four bestowed great luster on the musical. (52+44 minutes)