Thursday | 25.02.21

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An in-depth analysis of the digital techniques used in the making of the film
They Shall Not Grow Old
Dir.: Peter Jackson | 99 minutes

Other Screenings

Speaker (in Eng.) Dr. Elena Nepoti, Preservation Manager, Imperial War Museums

Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson has created an extraordinary film using original First World War footage from Imperial War Museums’ archive. Footage has been colourised, converted to 3D and transformed with modern production techniques. But what does the super-enhancement of First World War footage mean for archives?

UK, New Zealand 2018 | 99 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

Marking WWI’s centenary, director Peter Jackson was commissioned to create a new film out of archival materials. With the assistance of a remarkable technical team, hundreds of hours of footage from the Imperial War Museum archive were restored, painted, and a new soundtrack was added. The result is an astonishing retelling of the Great War.